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Coil Cord Innovation

Clever design twists on cords save cost and space, while improving reliability

Take a close look at industrial automation or military systems, and you’ll probably see a coil cord or two. You may not give them a second thought, but you should. These retractable power and signal cords can play an outsize role in improving the entire system’s performance and reliability.

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Adapting Gigabit Ethernet for the Industrial Manufacturing Environment

With the advancement of computer and data transmission technologies, systems formerly reserved for the office environment are now critical components of the manufacturing floor. The demands of factory automation, in addition to computer hardware and software, have brought the wire and cable networking products that interconnect these technologies into the industrial setting as well.

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Flexibility vs. Flex Life

While the terminology sounds similar, when it comes to wire and cable design, “flexibility” and “flex life” could not be more different.

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Key Design Criteria for High Flex Cable Constructions

Successful cable designs begin with understanding the application and the OEM’s performance expectations

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Ruggedized Mil-Grade COTS Cable Assembly Test Report

MIL-STD-810 Representative Sample Test Report.

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MMIP™ Case Summary

C&M’s MMIP™ program receives letter of appreciation from the Department of the Army.

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